The most attractive feature of the Tactikey self defense keychain is how easy it is to use. Its intuitive design fits comfortably between the fingers and there is no sophisticated training needed.

Tactikey is an ideal alternative solution for those who don’t want to carry a knife or other overbearingly large self defense devices like a Kubotan and it’s a great alternative to mace. The Tactikey is small, strong, and non-threatening in appearance, providing the element of surprise in a defensive situation.

1. Load Key into Tactikey

To load kwikset house key into your Tactikey find a hard surface that will not scratch easily and hold the key in a vertical position with the head up. Press Tactikey down on key with some force. It’s that easy.

2. How to Hold Tactikey

Hold your Tactikey in the same orientation as the picture. This will allow keys to hang below a closed grip. It will also allow they keys to hang below when opening a door lock.

O.D. Green

Carbon Black

Ultra Violet

Blaze Orange