OFFBEAT: Tactical Keys

No weapon is any good if you don’t have it with you when you need it. One thing that people always have with them is their keys. They’re allowed everywhere. A popular idea is that one can use their keys as a personal-defense weapon when other weapons are unavailable


Put a key between your fingers for self-defense? I used to say no, now I say yes

In the world of martial arts and self-defense, there tends to be so much crap talking amongst the tiniest sliver of a business. Most people are not interested in becoming some bad-ass fighter or self-defense teacher, yet there is a friggen gazillion of us out there. We have our own YouTube channels, we may have a retail location (i.e. dojo/gym) and we all believe that what we teach is gospel.


Tactikey Review By Stone Wall Defense

There are two vulnerable moments when you’re trying to access a safer space. Both of these places should be locked and require a key for access. Tactikey an affordable tool that will not inconvenience you to carry and you will almost certainly have it in your hands when entering your home or car.


loadoutroom.com: Tactikey – The key to your safety

Personal defense as simple as it sounds easily slips most peoples minds. It’s easy to become complacent when nothing ever happens to you or you live in a safe area. Typically people get concerned with personal defense as a knee-jerk reaction to seeing something on the evening news. Also, not everyone is comfortable carrying a knife or flashlight for personal defense.


briennamarie.com: The Best Self-Defense Tool for Women (and Men Too)

This Tactikey is so easy to set up. I simply went to the Home Depot to buy a Kwikset brand key. I got home, slipped the key into the pink T-sleeve pocket, and I suddenly had a punch weapon! The last thing I did was to attach it to my keyring, and I was good to go. It’s nice because doesn’t look like a weapon at all, it’s just a sleeve for your key so that you’re able to hold it better.



Tactikey is a key holster that you can literally carry anywhere. This product converts your key to a self defense tool. At 10 bucks I find it a touch on the high end of the price spectrum. But is very durable. Recently I flew to LA. I had no issues getting this product through airport security.


bluelaunch-ccw.com : Punching with your keys for self defense

When faced with life or death scenarios it is never uncommon for people, especially women, to come up with countless scenarios on how they would escape or defend themselves. Not all strategies are the smartest strategies. One common self defense strategy is to use everyday keys as a weapon. Using your keys for self defense, otherwise referred to as the “Wolverine”, could either succeed in fending off your attacker or worse damage the inside of your hand and put you in an even worse situation. Here I give my honest review on the Tactikey and its use.