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Tactikey’s Mission

Safety is a state of mind. Confident prepared citizens make poor targets. Carrying the Tactikey is a constant reminder to always remain vigilant and situationally aware.
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The most attractive feature of the Tactikey is how easy it is to use. Its intuitive design fits comfortably between the fingers and there is no sophisticated training needed. However, to increase safety and effectiveness we provide online videos to know where and when to strike.
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A convenient, comfortable and effective way to protect yourself if the unthinkable should happen. I bought this for my girlfriend after a couple weird things went down in our city. Was gonna get her pepper spray, but it’s messy and quick to backfire.



I have four daughters, two of them in college. They are tough and smart, that being said I bought each of them one just in case. Small, simple, tough, and not well known by most aggressors. A very good last-resort for personal protection.



The Tactikey is so discreet and simple to use. Hidden in plain sight so it doesn’t send the wrong impression. I think it’s a good option if other protection devices are not allowed.


LAURA PARKSSouth Lake Tahoe, CA

It’s really convenient and takes up no more space than an extra key. Great for everyday carry. I think it’s the most unassuming protection device on the market and I’ve had them all. It doesn’t look like a weapon because it’s not. It’s your house key.


What an epic pic. Really digging this modded set up by @klnycollective - Mod Everything - This is the way.
Finishing up 5 of these pink and blue G10 daggers today. I will put them up on the website in the next 48 hrs. Keep your eyes peeled 🧐
What Else would you expect from the @unsociable_misfit 🔑👊🏼🔪
After yesterday’s post @johnwaynemilkmaid stepped it up ever higher. New post sporting the Tactikey with some pretty killer words. Huge thanks for the support Chloe 🤜🏼🤛🏼
Get your early morning run smashed with blade in hand. At 5 grams and ergonomic you can run, move, and work projecting almost zero red flags. It’s practically invisible / unrecognizable when fully deployed. Oh yea. It’s 100 % non metallic. Party on Wayne 🤙🏼
@johnwaynemilkmaid representing with the G10 coyote tan with the Tactikey slap on the canteen to match. That’s brand loyalty right there 🤜🏼🤛🏼 much appreciated.
If your going to carry keys there is no reason not to carry a Tactikey. Weaponize everything - Safety first.
@ogwon7 with some serious self defense options. And huge Thx to everyone who has purchased Tactikeys recently and those who picked up blades as well. I’m going to post some more blades later today for those who are interested 🙏🏼
I like this one from @el.paco.muelas - Tactikey blade riding up front.
I love when people mod the Tactikey.  So many different ideas and perspectives on how to carry, use and conceal. It’s epic. I really like this one with the loop pull tag covering the key. Looks really clean. MOD from @the_fate_we_make 🤙🏼
Scrolling back and saw this sweet little stinger of a blade on @3minuterule page. Thanks for the support my dude, hope you are enjoying this little raptor claw. I need to make some more of these. #flcknivestrifoldjoint for dayz.
I know I have been a little mia lately but I have been working. Here’s two blades up for grabs, to prove it. Lol. Both are 10V with Caswell finish. Both sheaths are folded up with Dave Taylor’s from @flc_knives epic #flcknivestrifoldjoint tool. Also both are running @discreetcarryconcepts clips. These chisel grinds are razor sharp. $100 shipped in US. Shoot me a message if interested 🥷
OG OD Green Tactikey in @harrihe11 EDC stash box. Me like.
@heppyhanks going all out orange today. We like and to be honest this is what most Tactikey users daily carry looks like. Huge thanks for the support guys.
Nice shot of @echo___off carry options. Acid etched Tactikey in the midst. Also some other killer makers tagged. Epic shot of some working tools 🥷
Daily carry from @edc_holland. Hidden in plain sight 🥷
Sick shot from @everyday_wary of a custom one off dagger. Super compact and oh so dangerous.
Real nice pick from @naturethingy - I sent them a few to review and They really liked em. Also when you buy the Tactikey with a sharpened key they come pretty sharp and beveled on 3 axis. As well as a defensive application it’s a solid everyday tool.
Rad shot from the archives from @michelle.m.costello with some @obscurehideoutedc
I have two of these spikes up on the website. No cutting edge. 10V steel.  Sheath folded with @flc_knives #flcknivestrifoldjoint and comes with a @discreetcarryconcepts 2.0 clip. Super compact.
Give @truenorthtradecraft a look. He’s stocked up. If your up north. Good man Boris for always representing 🤜🏼🤛🏼
@klnycollective getting it right.
Great combo. Me and @flc_knives are sending out sticker packs with blades 🤙🏼
@m_edl_ keeping those pockets up to date. Killer pic.
Just put 4 of these Urban Scalpels with coyote tan sheaths up on the website. Sheaths are folded up with @flc_knives #flcknivestrifoldjoint and sporting @discreetcarryconcepts clips. Steel is 10v 🤙🏼🥷
This lil custom beast just shipped out the door to @wolf_mountain_leather - Working back and forth with my customers is always epic. It just so happens the type of people who are into my blades are cool as can be. And I’m gonna guess pretty violent as well. Either way it is always a good time. Got some spikes coming at ya soon 😈


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