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Your Safety

Carbon Black

Ultra Violet

Blaze Orange


Coyote Tan

Tactikey’s Mission

Safety is a state of mind. Confident prepared citizens make poor targets. Carrying the Tactikey is a constant reminder to always remain vigilant and situationally aware.
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The most attractive feature of the Tactikey is how easy it is to use. Its intuitive design fits comfortably between the fingers and there is no sophisticated training needed. However, to increase safety and effectiveness we provide online videos to know where and when to strike.
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A convenient, comfortable and effective way to protect yourself if the unthinkable should happen. I bought this for my girlfriend after a couple weird things went down in our city. Was gonna get her pepper spray, but it’s messy and quick to backfire.



I have four daughters, two of them in college. They are tough and smart, that being said I bought each of them one just in case. Small, simple, tough, and not well known by most aggressors. A very good last-resort for personal protection.



The Tactikey is so discreet and simple to use. Hidden in plain sight so it doesn’t send the wrong impression. I think it’s a good option if other protection devices are not allowed.


LAURA PARKSSouth Lake Tahoe, CA

It’s really convenient and takes up no more space than an extra key. Great for everyday carry. I think it’s the most unassuming protection device on the market and I’ve had them all. It doesn’t look like a weapon because it’s not. It’s your house key.


@partisani_tours with the Nomad / Tactikey combo. It’s a mean one.
Keep it simple!!!
Got 2 of these pointy boi’s left on the website. They are chisel ground and razor sharp. They are 10V and some of the last. Then on to some new steel. #stealth #selfdefense
You know I like this one. @allegiantholsters representing with some serious Coyote Tan. Now let’s see if I can tag everyone.
Do you like precision tools? I sure do. Process shot of these spikes. This combination of 4 bevels is nutty. The 45 bevels on left and right side only go half way down. So no sharp edge. Long hollow grind right off the front. With a micro 45 degree bevel on the tip. These just came off the 36 grit Norton belt. Now on to the 80 grit trizact.
Clean shot from @the.knife.user_edc simple and to the point.
Grindin some spikes today.
@c13c007.2 with the basics in black. I’m really into making blades right now. But the Tactikey with just a key, sharpened or not can do a serious amount of damage. They are always $9.99 or 3 for $20 on the website. Link is in the Bio.
@delicious_fist with some blacked out savageness. There are 4 of these blades on the website right now. #dfu #stealth #combatives
One of the last batch of blades just landed with @delicious_fist - huge thanks for the support Ray 🤜🏼🤛🏼 I’m going to put 4 more of these on the website tomorrow for those who missed out, as well as some new G10 😈
That’s the way to start the day @klnycollective 🤙🏼
One of my first blades. Shared with me by @stancheekles who just picked up his second blade. Huge thanks for the continued support man.
#neverbeunarmed 📸 @partisani_tours
Coming soon to a theater near you.
Clean shot from @blackmedc - keep it simple and stay safe out there.
Huge thanks to everyone who grabbed a blade last night 🤜🏼🤛🏼 All 5 blades are packed, shipped and on their way - 📸 @klnycollective pockets.
Epic pic from @pressurecult of some serious gear from some serious makers, all tagged. 1 off acid etch Urban Scalpel with coyote tan Tactikey chillin front and center 🔪🖤🔑
This epic custom blade just landed with its new owner @pressurecult - solid trade brother. Can’t wait to get my Nomad 😈


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