Safety is a state of mind. Confident prepared citizens make poor targets. Carrying the Tactikey is a constant reminder to always remain vigilant and situationally aware.

The one thing people always have on them is their keys, phone and probably a wallet.
As long as people have been carrying keys it has been said that when walking from work to your car or from your car to your house at night one can hold all their keys jumbled up in their hand with one key protrude through your fingers as a means of protection.

It’s better than nothing but has some obvious disadvantages.

First Problem is a hand full of keys. Adding significant pressure to handful of keys will hurt and could cause more injury to the holder than the attacker.

Second Problem is a loose grip on any random key.

Third Problem is a dull key.

Each of these is a problem and in combination, they are a serious problem.

Even more harmful than self-injury is a false sense of security, thinking this approach will be effective only realizing too late, in the moment, that it is not. Tactikey solves all these problems in an elegant way. It is the first device ever created to make the one thing everyone always has on them, the one thing allowed everywhere, their house key, into an effective measure against an attack.

The Tactikey is not worn in or on the hand, it is designed to rest comfortably between the fingers. This ensures a strong, comfortable grip on your key.

At 6.5 grams there is not an ounce of fat on it, making it arguably the lightest self-defense product in the world. Its ergonomic, ultra-compact, design has maximum comfort and efficiency in mind while occupying the smallest possible footprint.

By itself, the Tactikey is a harmless piece of plastic, but when matched with a regular innocuous house key, it highlights the key’s hidden and inherent defensive features, increasing efficiency and user safety while creating a true force multiplier.

Tactikey does not just make intuitive sense. It makes tactical sense.